Electronic Key Management

Electronic Key Management
Electronic Key Management
Electronic Key Management
Electronic Key Management

Ecos key management systems are made of high quality stainless steel and reinforced with a protective frame, designed for key storage, providing monitoring and access management to rooms of a facility, as well as accounting and monitoring of working time. Ecos systems are integrated with existing ACS or act as an alternative to standard access control systems.


Capacity of systems

A wide assortment of systems allows you to choose a solution for any task. The price of the key management system depends on the number of slots and the version.

Размеры систем
Key CabinetsKey positionsAppr. Size mm (W x H x D)Weight
kg (max.)
Ecos Key 2010-20650 x 350 x 18030
Ecos Key 4020-40650 x 530 x 18040
Ecos Key 8040-80650 x 880 x 18050
Ecos Key 12080-120960 x 730 x 18060
Ecos Key 180120-1801250 x 880 x 18090
Ecos Key 360240-3601250 x 1710 x 180160
Ecos Key 960720-9601220 x 1900 x 370390

Ecos Key 960 System

Ecos XXL size key management systems accommodate up to 960 slots in a single cabinet. Ecos Key 960 with double-sided key placement must stand and be fixed on the floor (does not require wall mounting). The 10-inch touch screen allows convenient use of the electronic key management system, and the on-screen search function allows you to keep track of a very large number of keys.

Панель ключей
Система XXL

Versions of doors

Different types of door designs for Ecos key management systems: steel, transparent polycarbonate, electronic roller shutter or doorless implementation. Installation of all types of doors is possible for both floor and wall versions.

  • Steel Door
  • Transparent door
  • Roller shutter door
  • Doorless version
  • System with a steel door

    The solid steel door prevents unauthorized access to the keys. Keys can be obtained only after personal identification in the system. The doors open automatically and the loops are installed inside the metal cabinets. The front panels of the cabinet are made of high quality stainless steel.

    Стальная дверь
  • System with transparent polycarbonate door

    The transparent polycarbonate door provides a quick overview of the currently dispensed keys. Security staff can always quickly get information about the filling of the electronic key management system, and users can conveniently determine whether their key is taken or on the spot.

    Прозрачная дверь
  • Roller shutter door

    The choice of location plays an important role when buying an electronic key management system. Key cabinets often have to be installed in narrow corridors or small rooms. Variants with a roller shutter door that allows automatic opening and closing of the key area can be an important alternative to a standard version system if the size of the room does not allow the door to be fully opened. The spatial incapacity of emergency staff can also be a reason for choosing a key management system with an automatic roller shutter door.

  • Doorless system

    It is possible to manufacture the system without any doors. Their installation is reasonable in rooms where only security staff will have access and only backup or emergency keys will be stored in the cabinets.

    Бездверное исполнение
Электронные ключницы Ecos
Электронные ключницы Ecos Key
Электронные ключницы Ecos Электронные ключницы Ecos Key


Every control unit of an ecos key management system can control any number of ecos lockers or drawers via a connector.


Variety of slots

The key positions can be locking or non-locking depending on the security demands. A combination of both versions is also possible.

The exact number of the desired key positions can be ordered, depending on your needs. With the help of a license code supplied by us, further postions can be easily activated any time in the future. No need for a technician.

  • 15 locking key positions
  • 13 unlocking key positions
  • 12 positions still available
Steel Plug
Plastic Plug
  • Steel Plug
  • Plastic Plug

    Slot positions

    The key panel is a polished stainless steel sheet with scratch-proof numbers printed on it. Also for large bunches of keys the “wide” option is available.

    Расположение слотов


    The Ecos steel plug with integrated ID chip is made using special technology with a 20% gold plating. This guarantees excellent conductivity and corrosion protection. The contact is self-cleaning every time when the plug is inserted into the slot of the key management system to increase service life through a special technology. The plugs are meant for frequent and continuous use, which is confirmed by the 5-year warranty.


    Storage cells for keys

    Expanding systems with storage cells also involves the use of key lockers. This version of the electronic key management system is suitable for better protection – the information about the presence of keys to the premises becomes inaccessible to employees.

    In case of use in conjunction with an RFID tag, simply put the key in the cell – the system itself will determine the number of items inside. In this variant it is possible to store up to two keys in an individual cell. Due to this, the electronic key management system for 100 keys can hold twice as many.
    The storage lockers are also made of high quality stainless steel. The combined system is only available for wall mounting.




    Different types of seals, flexible braided steel wire or steel 3mm ring for increased security.

    Чехол для ключей

    Car key cases. Specially designed key protectors for keys when using electronic key management system.


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