Key Management Systems

Intelligent Ecos systems are designed to ensure various aspects of enterprise security.

The key cabinets solve the problems of facility security, information security, economic security, and personnel security.

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The housings allow you to place large-sized keys, up to 30 cm long. It is possible to place a large number of keys in one cabinet. The cabinets can be concentrated in one place or spread over the territory of the object. For individual customer needs it is possible to combined electronic key cabinet and electronic lockers..

Door type

Ecos Key cabinets can be equipped with a steel (brushed stainless steel) or transparent door (tempered triplex glass, armored glass).

Cabinet installation options
  • Mounting cabinets on the wall;
  • Mounting cabinets into the wall;
  • Mounting cabinets on special pedestals.

Ecos key systems are available in both colours – standard and individual, depending on the corporate colours of the organisation. This will allow you to fit the system in any interior of the enterprise premises. It is also possible to load the brand logo for displaying on the screen when authenticating in the system.

Video of Ecos key management system:

Receiving a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Selecting a key to which a user has the access rights (LED backlighting)
  4. Receiving the key
  5. Closing the door

Return a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Returning the key (LED backlighting)
  4. Closing the door


Authentication options

All modern ways of user authentication are available in Ecos systems. Standard – by pin-code and card reader, and optional – authentication by face, retina or QR code. Authentication using a smartphone is also possible.

PIN code
Face ID
QR код

Safety Elements

The key systems are reinforced with a protective frame to increase the level of burglary resistance.
Systems with a transparent door are equipped with tempered triplex glass, armored glass.

Key placement options

Without case
With case
In the cell


Ecos security systems integrate with any systems operating in the enterprise:

  • Fire alarm system;
  • Security alarm system;
  • Video surveillance system
  • ACS;
  • Automated control system (ACS) of various equipment (high-voltage equipment, etc.).

Through integration of Ecos systems, implementing aspects of facility security, information security, economic security, personnel security.

Integration of electronic key systems into third-party systems significantly increases the comprehensive security of the enterprise.

Read more about integration


In details

  • Screen

    The electronic key system is equipped with a modern seven-inch touch screen with an intuitive interface. It is possible to scale the screen for more convenient key selection.

  • Hinges

    The systems are equipped with high-quality hinges, the opening angle of which reaches 180 degrees. The maximum load on each hinge is 60 kg, the slide bearings do not require maintenance.

  • Backlighting

    Each key system uses blue LED backlighting. When you select a key, the system automatically highlights the right slot.

  • Seals

    Key cabinets can be operated with different types of seals (key rings). They can be self-sealing, with individual numbers, with a thread or reusable with a built-in acustomagnetic sensor.

  • ID-plugs

    The plugs are made of high-quality stainless steel. The special manufacturing technology provides corrosion protection and high conductivity. In addition, the contact is self-cleaning when the plug is used.

  • Glass

    Systems with transparent door are equipped with tempered triplex glass. If desired, various tinting options are possible. Armored glass can also be installed.

Электронные ключницы Ecos
Электронные ключницы Ecos Key
Электронные ключницы Ecos Электронные ключницы Ecos Key


  • ECOS software
  • High resiliency
  • System expansion
  • Unified network of equipment
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • ECOS equipment

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