“Ecos” company presents ECOS intelligent systems on the Russian market. The equipment is developed in Germany. Production is located in Saint-Petersburg.

Our company performs a set of works:

  • production of the system for individual customer needs (creation of an individual design solution, modification and improvement of equipment and software, integration into an integrated security and control system);
  • installation;
  • setting up and commissioning;
  • administration;
  • warranty service and repair;
  • maintenance and service.

The innovative technology in combination with the intelligent software system allows us to create security and control solutions tailored to the individual characteristics of the facilities. The implementation of various security and control algorithms is the main task of our systems.

Systems provide:

  • administration of various items and their storage (mechanical keys, electronic keys, electronic digital signatures EDS, strict accountability equipment, portable bank terminals, weapons, security documentation and much more);
  • recording of all events performed by users in the system;
  • delineation of power of authorised staff;
  • organization of various security algorithms in automatic mode (with the exclusion of the human factor);
  • the system integrates with the existing equipments at the facility (security, fire alarm, etc.);
  • centralized management of all systems of the complex, distributed at various facilities;
  • the ability of quickly scaling the systems of the complex;
  • the ability to quickly manage the rights of authorized staff;
  • the ability to reserve items in the system;
  • significant reduction of time for searching and the procedure of issuing/delivering items in the system;
  • reducing the risk of theft and removal outside the facility;
  • implementation of 24-hour monitoring of the processes of the intelligent system;

Our experience, based on implemented and ongoing projects with various commercial and state institutions of the Russian Federation, shows the relevance of using our systems to automate and secure work processes.

Central Bank of Russia

Task: equip facilities with the automatic issuance/return of keys, ensuring high throughput capacity of the key issuance post.

“Transneft” (EVOLUTION Tower, Moscow City)

Task: equip the facility with the system with automated issuance/return of keys and valuable items, organize the issuance and return of keys on a floor-by-floor basis, provide storage, administration and accounting of backup keys.

Complex: 60 systems with a total capacity of 1480 sets of keys, 66 automated cells.


The leading enterprise of Rosatom State Corporation engaged in complex design of nuclear industry facilities, scientific research, development of new generation nuclear power technologies.

Task: equip the facility with an intelligent system for storing and administrating security documents.

“United Aircraft Corporation” (ROSTEC)

Task: equip the facility with a system of automated key issuance, the implementation of integration with the software complex “Parsek”. Location: floor-by-floor location in 3 buildings.

In addition, there are a number of other significant projects:

  • The official dealer of Mercedes-Benz PANAVTO;
  • “EuroHim” (Tulagiprokhim);
  • VTB Bank of Moscow;
  • State museum-reserve PETERHOF;
  • State museum-monument Isaakievsky Cathedral;
  • The church of the Savior on Spilled Blood;
  • Kremlin, Novgorod.

Our technical experts and software developers accompany you from the first consultation to the concept and implementation of the systems at your facilities.

The company offers equipment and has offices in 21 countries. Our product meets the highest standards of security, operating in demanding facilities such as nuclear power plants, railroads, airports, police departments and other secure facility

The systems are designed according to the principle of maximum automation, in order to operate and retain the full functionality regardless of the existing operating conditions and risks of human factor.

Systems are universal, but we are ready to make changes and modify the system based on the conditions of operation of the technology at a particular facility, as well as to develop for you an individual solution that meets your requirements.

We are ready to hold a detailed presentation of systems and technology, as well as to conduct a study of your facilities to create a concept for equipping with Ecos intelligent security and management systems.