Possibility to control Ecos systems via Internet, control panel or smartphone.

таблица Ecos systems
таблица Ecos systems
панель управления

Software Ecos Webman

Allows you to manage all types of administration and storage systems within a single interface.


It is possible to create groups of users, groups of administered objects. Administered objects can be “tied” to a specific slot/cell or managed dynamically without a fixed allocation.

The MSSQL database is standard. The number of users is unlimited. Integration with existing systems at your facilities is carried out through the SOAP protocol.

In this way requests can be made at any time and the relevant information can be obtained in real time – at the workplace via the Internet or a local network, directly on the system via the control panel or on the way via a smartphone.

Stand-alone system

Our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art ARM processors. With Android as the operating system, the stability, security and complete autonomy of our administration and storage systems are guaranteed.

Each system can be operated completely independently from the built-in Android Tablet. In this case, no additional software is required. With its own database and an internal SD card for backups, data integrity is ensured at all times, even in the event of a processor failure.

Автономная система

Software System

Our key management systems are equipped with industrial grade tablets. With the latest mobile technology always at our fingertips (through the use of Android), we are able to constantly provide our customers with the best possible user experience, be it communication speed, design or new features for graphical user interfaces.

A user friendly interaction between man and machine is the single most important factor for the acceptance of new technology.

Our high-resolution color display with capacitive touch 7” enables all known techniques from smart phones, like swiping or zooming.

Simple search and filter functions are implemented, which makes operation easier, especially with many keys (XXL variant) or large specialist systems (depots and drawers).

Интерфейс стандартных систем

User-friendly interface of mixed systems

The two graphical user interfaces show the benefits of a well-structured menu. You can switch between screens with a single touch.

The high-resolution color display with capacitive touch screen is covered with protective glass and allows you to use all known smartphone technologies, such as multitouch, gesture recognition and zooming.

Интерфейс комбинированных систем

The graphical interface makes it easy to find and unlock a key or cell by simply touching the corresponding symbol, if the user has access. If access is denied, the cell remains locked.

Доступные и не доступные позиции

Program modules and system extensions

For certain industries we have developed complete solutions with software and hardware components exactly tailored to customer requirements, such as our vehicle administration, with reservation module, fleet administration, driver’s license control and alcohol tester.

  • Notification module
  • Reservation module
  • Alcohol check
  • Notification module

    Our alarm module ecos alarm informs about irregularities in the operation of the systems by means of e-mail notifications, pop-ups on computers or push messages via our ecos app in real time.

    Модуль оповещения
  • Reservation module

    The ecos reserve reservation module can, for example, provide room keys for seminars or meetings as well as the necessary tools such as laptops or beamers.

    In addition, users will be able to reserve a car if they have a vehicle park.

    Модуль резервирования
  • Alcohol check

    This module is designed to comply with legal regulations, such as differentiation of access to cars depending on the category of the driver’s license. The main database of the software will be supplemented by license numbers and classes of vehicles.

    To enhance driver safety, an alcohol tester can be connected to any Ecos system. The system will only unlock the keys after a negative alcohol test.

    Контроль наличия алкоголя

Data exchange

When selecting a Ecos key and object management system need to consider the existing access control and management system (ACS) at the facility and the possibility of their integration.

Efficient data exchange with other programs, such as your access control or your control station software, increases your security and, above all, relieves your employees. The user no longer has to maintain important data in parallel in different programs.

Depending on the requirements or existing software architecture, we provide a wide range of methods, from pure employee master data import to fully automated control of our systems by an external system.

Script - Data imports via intermediate filesData imports can take place via CSV files, e.g. with the following format:
LDAP - Data exchange via directory servicesLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an application protocol from the field of network technology.
LDAP is based on the client-server model and is used for so-called directory services.
SOAP - Data exchange via the InternetSOAP is a protocol for exchanging XML-based messages over a computer network. The main purpose of REST is machine-to-machine communication. REST is a simple alternative to similar methods like SOAP and WSDL and the related method RPC.


Ecos systems use modern technology for protecting and encrypting personal data.

Server and systems connect through your Server, and systems connect through your company’s local network (LAN or WLAN).

We use the most sophisticated and reliable communication protocols from the mobile world, such as SOAP and REST.

These methods further benefit through the use of independent communication via GSM or LTE. These methods further benefit through the use of independent communication via GSM or LTE. This mobile communication in combination with our Software-as-a-Service offers an easy to handle direct and secure connection.

External communication between the server and systems is encrypted using a modern encryption protocol such as symmetric AES-256.

Internal communication in systems between the main processor and microprocessors on the CAN bus is coded with elliptical asymmetric ECC 233 bits.


System security

We support all types of authentication methods such as PIN or RFID cards (Legic, Mifare, HID or Emarine). The latest biometric methods are available for advanced security standards.

The combination of fingerprint and vein readers in the biometric reader “Morpho” meets the highest security requirements. This reader is certified by the American, French and British intelligence agencies for use in their respective countries.

More than 20 different alarm notifications are available for the systems, which can be notified both visually on the control panel and in the form of pop-up notifications at the desktop. It is also possible to send automatic messages to e-mail to the person in charge.

Биометрический модуль

Multi user authentication

The multifactor authentication refers to the identifaction feature of a single person. To identify a user you can choose between PIN, RFID cards like the RFID access card and the RFID chip on the driver´s license as well as biometric methods as fingerprint and finger vein readers.

These methods can be combined freely and individually for different systems. A simple key cabinet for example can only be openend with a RFID card whereas for the locker system storing laptops and weapons in the adjacent room, the login has to be provided through a second method, for example by entering a PIN.

Многопользовательская аутентификация
Плата свободных контактов оповещения

Ecos Alarm

  • 4 free relays (dry contacts) for output to external alarm devices
  • Alarm module with automatic e-mail transmission
  • Emergency opening contact on the control panel door
  • Emergency power supply (incl. battery) with power saving modes

Our key management systems and locker systems can generate over 20 different alarms. Some alarms are the same for all systems, some depend on the system, e.g. lockers, key cabinets with steel doors or rolling doors.

For all systemsObject management systemKey management system
  • 3 times incorrect authorization
  • Connection lost
  • Power supply 220
  • Power from battery
  • Critical battery condition
  • Good battery charge level
  • Control center door open
  • System restarted
  • Door has been open too long
  • Return time exceeded
  • Silent alarm
  • Opening a cell without authorization
  • Platform or spacer is open
  • Opening of the cell by an administrator
  • Manipulation with the cell, the cell is locked
  • Attempt to open the door
  • Unauthorized opening
  • Positive alcohol test
  • System is locked
  • Attempt to open the roller shutter door
  • Roller shutter door is locked