Regime algorithms

You can implement regime algorithms on the basis of intelligent systems at your facility. Regime algorithms – are a set of events ( receiving in the system and returning of different items) on execution of which the ECOS complex sends an enabling or disabling signal to the third-party systems which are integrated with our system.


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  • Step 1

    The employee arrives at the facility using the green RFID tag.

    The employee logs into the Ecos complex using the green tag, where he must leave the green tag in the cell, leave a smartphone, take a walkie-talkie and a red tag.

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  • Step 2

    After executing this algorithm, the red tag becomes “active” for use at the facility.

    Since the red tag and the walkie-talkie must not leave the area of the restricted facility, the employee is required to make the reverse operation in his cell.

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  •    Step 3

        Only after this algorithm, the green tag is able to open
         the turnstile to the employee leaving the restricted facility.

         It is possible to implement different algorithms in our complexes
         according to the requirements and peculiarities of your facility.

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