Automatic storage lockers. Object management and storage systems.

Ecos Depot ячейки с дверью
Ecos Drawer Automatic cells
Automatic storage lockers
система администрирования и хранения предметов
Automatic storage lockers

Ecos automatic object storage cabinets are made of high-quality stainless steel and provide users with 24/7 automated storage and administration. Access to each electronic cell can be set up individually by specifying access time and user.


Ecos Depot – Lockers

The system ensures secure storage of various documents, data carriers, keys, cell phones, laptops and tools. It allows you to control the process of storage, issuance for the period of use and return of items.

Система ячеек с дверцей Ecos Depot


Lockers are equipped with a high-quality stainless steel door as standard. For a better visual inspection of the deposited objects, polycarbonate doors can also be ordered free of charge.

The depth of locker can be 250 and 500 mm, the exact dimensions are shown in the tables below.

Вид системы Ecos Depot в ПО Webman

Lockers with a depth of 250 mm:

DepotsWidth block (mm)
Height block (mm)
Depth block (mm)
Inside use BxHxT (mm)
1m270150250220 x 135 x 240
1mx2300220 x 285 x 240
1mx3450220 x 435 x 240
2m590150250540 x 135 x 240
2mx2300540 x 285 x 240
2mx3450540 x 435 x 240

Lockers with a depth of 500 mm:

DepotsWidth block (mm)Height block (mm)Depth block (mm)Inside use BxHxT (mm)
1M-1/3270150500220 x 135 x 490
1M-1/2225220 x 210 x 490
1M-2/3300220 x 285 x 490
1M450220 x 435 x 490
1Mx2900220 x 885 x 490
1Mx31350220 x 1335 x 490
L-1/3430150500380 x 135 x 490
L-1/2225380 x 210 x 490
L-2/3300380 x 285 x 490
L450380 x 435 x 490
Lx2900380 x 885 x 490
Lx31350380 x 1335 x 490
2M-1/3590150500540 x 135 x 490
2M-1/2225540 x 210 x 490
2M-2/3300540 x 285 x 490
2M450540 x 435 x 490
2Mx2900540 x 885 x 490
2Mx31350540 x 1335 x 490

Ecos Drawer

This system operates similarly to the Ecos Depot systems. The main difference is fully automatic item issuance. When the user authorises, the item storage system automatically unlocks the drawer and gives the user access to the contents. After removing an item, whether it is a keychain, smartphone, weapon, correspondence or anything else, the drawer closes automatically without any further action by the user.

Система автоматических ячеек Ecos Drawer


The dimensions of automatic drawers with a depth of 250 mm and 500 mm are shown in the tables below.

The smaller 1m/4 and 1m/2 drawers are only available in blocks of 4 or 2. Their external dimensions are identical to those of the ecos depot 1m compartments.

The larger drawers are also only available in blocks. Only the outside width varies. The height and depth are the same for all blocks. Each block can be equipped with 2, 3 or 6 drawers.

Вид системы Ecos Drawer в ПО Webman

Ecos Drawer with a depth of 250 mm:

DrawersWidth block (mm)
Height block (mm)
Depth Block (mm)
Inside use BxHxT (mm)
Loadweight (kg)
1m/427015025085 x 45 x 1401,0
1m/2210 x 45 x 1402,0

Ecos Drawer with a depth of 500 mm:

DrawersWidth block (mm)Height block (mm)Depth Block (mm)Inside use BxHxT (mm)Loadweight (kg)
L/6430450500320 x 45 x 35020,0
L/3320 x 114 x 350
L/2320 x 184 x 350
2M/6590450500480 x 45 x 35020,0
2M/3480 x 114 x 350
2M/2480 x 184 x 350
3M/6910450500800 x 45 x 35020,0
3M/3800 x 114 x 350
3M/2800 x 184 x 350
4M/612304505001120 x 45 x 35020,0
4M/31120 x 114 x 350
4M/21120 x 184 x 350

Varieties of object management systems

Different types of systems are individually customised to meet your requirements.

  • Wall system
  • Stand system
  • Stand system out of stainless steel
  • Assetmanager combination with key cabinet
  • Wall system

    Wall mounting is the space-saving mounting method of choice for small systems with few compartments and a depth of 250 mm.

    Настенное исполнение системы
  • Stand system

    For larger systems with many compartments or deep compartments of 500 mm, the system should be standing and fixed to the floor.

    The locker system shown is additionally equipped with polycarbonate doors for visual inspection.

    Напольное исполнение системы
  • Stand system out of stainless steel

    A mounting frame out of stainless steel is the elegant alternative for medium-sized specialist systems and is particularly suitable for prestigious entrance areas.

    For ergonomic reasons, it is recommended to equip the top positions of a compartment system with lockers.

    Стальной комплекс
  • Assetmanager combination with key cabinet

    The “asset manager” has been developed for use in small business or organisations.

    Together with our software modules „time management“, “reservation“, “fleet management” and “administration for external objects or keys“, most of your organizational problems are solved.

    As a compact all-in-one system the “asset manager” controls objects as well as keys (see also our brochure “ecos key management”). All your valuable assets can be protected and controlled by this system.

    This system is available only wall-mounted and 250 mm deep.

    Комбинированная система

Wireless object recognition

Optionally, the lockers and drawers can be equipped with the latest RFID technology, which allows reliable identification of one or more objects inside. Optionally, the lockers and drawers can be equipped with the latest RFID technology, which allows reliable identification of one or more objects inside. RFID stickers are placed on valuables, weapons and other objects, which are detected by the antenna installed inside the cell.

Ключи в связке с RFID-меткой

RFID tag with key for easier handling

The key can simply be placed in the compartment. It is no longer necessary to insert it. With this variant, a maximum of 2 keys per compartment is recommended.

RFID tags collection

RFID-tags are required in order to clearly label the objects with a RFID serial number. Depending on the object, there is a wide variety of designs available. For small or large objects, but also special “on-metal tags” are available for attaching to metallic objects.

Многократное распознавание RFID

Multiple RFID recognition

When using multiple RFID recognition, up to 4 different objects can be uniquely identified simultaneously per compartment. In order to avoid recognition errors, it is advisable no to deposit these objects on top of each other, but to put them back separately next to each other.

Equipment of the cells

Drawers can be equipped with 5V or 12V chargers. 220V charger is only available for lockers. The 220V charger is only available for cells with a door. The built-in, if necessary, charger allows you to determine the presence of the electronic device as well as its charge level.

Беспроводная зарядка 5V

Drawer 1m/4 with wireless charging function according to QI standard

USB зарядка 5V

Drawer 1m/2 with USB charging plug for small devices and 5 Volt charging socket

Зарядка 12V

Drawer L/6 for protective equipment with integrated RFID recognition and 12 Volt charging socket

Ячейка с розеткой 220В

Ecos Depot cell size L with standard 220V socket, LAN cable and separating shelf

Ключ в ячейке

Ecos Drawer with ID plug slot similar to Ecos Key systems


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