Object management systems

Metal housing with stainless steel elements provides reliable protection for all objects in the cells, while a wide functionality enables the use of systems to solve various issues at the facility.

Комплексы администрирования 
и хранения предметов
of valuable objects

System types

Ecos systems have 38 different types of cells with capacities from 0.5 l to 350 l, which allows you to manage objects of different shapes and sizes.


The cells in the depot systems are equipped with two high-quality hinges that can stand more than 50,000 openings. Each door is made of high quality brushed stainless steel with a thickness of 2.5 mm. The stainless steel doors can be replaced with polycarbonate doors for visual inspection of the contents.

Ячейки с дверцами

Electrically-operated lockers allow the process of receiving and returning items to be fully automated. This type of system increases the security of managing objects, as the mechanism automatically closes the cell if the user has not done that. In the case that the object is not placed correctly, the cell stops its movement, thus eliminating the possibility of spoiling the object in the cell.

Комплекс с выдвижными ячейками

System installation options

Напольное размещение комплекса
Настенное размещение комплекса

On the floor

Suitable for systems with a large number of cells or for large sized cells.

On the wall

Suitable for small systems, for the administration of valuable small objects.


Access to each cell can be set up individually, specifying the user and access time.
All actions of staff are tracked in the system and stored on the server.
The modularity of the storage systems makes it possible to combine both drawer and depot systems in the same housing. This allows a particularly efficient use of space with the best ergonomics and ease in operation.
The systems allow you to determine the presence or absence of objects in the cell in an automated mode at any time.
It is possible to integrate Ecos systems with any systems operating in the enterprise.
Превью видео

Cell functions


The system allows you to identify the object in the cell at any time. A colored LED informs you whether the right object is registered in the cell.

Multiple object recognition

The non-contact identification of up to 4 different objects in one cell is possible. The LED indicator will only turn green when all objects in the same cell are recognized.

ID identification

Administration of the object with a plug in the box is great for storing the most important keys.


There is an option to charge various electronic devices in Ecos systems. The charge level can be displayed on the screen. The LED pulses when charging and indicates when the equipment is fully charged. Depending on the setting in the ecos webman, only charged equipment is released.


  • ECOS software
  • High resiliency
  • System expansion
  • Unified network of equipment
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • ECOS equipment

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