Regime algorithms

You can implement regime algorithms on the basis of intelligent systems at your facility. Regime algorithms – are a set of events ( receiving in the system and returning of different items) on execution of which the ECOS system sends an enabling or disabling signal to the third-party systems which are integrated with our system.

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  • Step 1

    An employee arrives at the site using a green RFID key fob.

    Using the green key fob, the employee logs into the Ecos system, where he must leave the green key fob in the cell, leave the smartphone, pick up the radio and the red key fob.

    Cell access
  • Step 2

    After completing this algorithm, the red key fob becomes “active” for use at a sensitive facility.

    Since the red key fob and walkie-talkie should not leave the territory of the security facility, the employee is obliged to carry out the reverse operations in his cell.

    Replacing Items
  •    Step 3

        Only after this algorithm is the green key fob able to open
         the turnstile for an employee leaving a secure facility.

         In our systems it is possible to implement various algorithms
         in accordance with the requirements and characteristics of your facility.

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