Key storage in educational institutions and dormitories

The accounting, storage and procedure for issuing keys to classrooms, office rooms and utility rooms in educational institutions is regulated by management orders.There are several general rules for organizing storage: 

  1. Availability of special lockable cabinets and key systems; 
  1. Organization of storage during shifts of educational institutions; 
  1. Marking of keys; 
  1. Maintaining a special log of issuing and receiving keys; 
  1. Compiling lists of persons who have access to accounts and keys with contact information. 

The same list is typical for storing keys in dormitories.But this standard procedure for storing and accounting for keys also has its disadvantages: 

  1. Keys are not issued by the same person - they can be issued by watchmen, security guards, attendants, replacing each other;  
  1. Making entries, issuing and handing over keys takes quite a lot of time; 
  1. Entries may be made incorrectly and keys may be mixed up.  

All this increases the risk of theft of expensive property with the impossibility of tracking the persons who committed the crime.But there is another way to organize storage and record the issuance of keys to educational institutions and dormitory rooms - automated systems from ECOS. 

Advantages of ECOS electronic key systems 

Our systems solve several problems at once: 

  1. Compiling a database of users who have access to certain keys; 
  1. Personal identification in various ways; 
  1. Automation of the process of taking and returning keys; 
  1. Recording user actions in the system; 
  1. Impossibility of changing keys. 
Working time
High security
of process

Access to electronic key systems can be organized around the clock. Moreover, when installing CCTV cameras, it is possible to additionally track the actions of employees and students near key systems. All recordings from cameras go to the same servers where data on the use of keys is collected. 

Authentication options

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

Key placement options

Without case
With case
In the cell
of employeers

Electronic key systems ECOS are made of high quality stainless steel and can be of different sizes depending on the needs of educational institutions and dormitories.Design options include wall-mounted or floor-mounted, with one-sided or double-sided placement of keys. Key system doors also have several options - steel, transparent, roller door or doorless system (suitable for backup or emergency keys).  

All these advantages contribute to changing the usual schemes for storing and administering keys for the better - there is no longer a need for watchmen, entries in journals, and chains of keys with numbers written on them.  

Video of the operation of the Ecos intelligent key management system in educational institutions and dormitories:

Receiving a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Selecting a key to which a user has the access rights (LED backlighting)
  4. Receiving the key
  5. Closing the door

Return a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Returning the key (LED backlighting)
  4. Closing the door

Storing keys and transferring documents through lockers

Despite the convenience of storing keys in key systems, another modern option for storing keys involves placing a bunch or individual keys in cells. This method of storing and administering keys is considered more secure, since the cell is completely closed and it is impossible to find out about the presence or absence of a key inside before opening it.

Another way to use a cell is to organize the transfer of documents through it. This method excludes a personal meeting between both parties. To transfer documents in this way, it is enough to provide the password for the deposit box to another person and agree on the date and time of transfer of securities.

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