Hard disk administration

Every organization irrespective of its size faces the challenging task of preserving and protecting commercial information. With the development of technology, it has become possible to gradually increase the volume of data storage in electronic form.

At the same time, the threat of loss of commercial data is still high. In order to prevent data leakage due to human factor in case of properly organized work of security service it is possible to use a modern and reliable method of storage and administration of hard disk drives - electronic cells from Ecos.

Advantages of Ecos automatic cells

Our storage rooms are equipped with an intelligent system that independently records all cell activity throughout the day.

For correct operation, it is first necessary to enter the employees who have access to certain hard disk drives into the system database. Each of them is assigned a cell with a specific hard disk. Other employees will not be able to open other people's boxes.

In addition, each cell can be configured to open and close at specific times, so that authorized employees cannot access the hard drive at any other time. This means that the organization's management can always track who used the hard drives at what time.

of control

Cells can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • Biometric data - facial scanner or fingerprint. It is considered the most reliable method of authentication in the system;
  • Magnetic Card. Issued to each responsible person for personal use;
  • Pin Code. The employee comes up with a numeric code or receives a ready-made code from the supervisor.

The system stores all its information on servers that can be accessed by management at any time. This simplifies the tracking of hard disk drives, and also makes it possible to quickly grant access rights to a cell to a new employee or deny access to any of the responsible persons.

Also in case of installation of 24-hour video surveillance over the storage cameras, the management will be able to double their security and quickly find the culprit in case of any emergencies. The camera recordings will be transmitted to the same servers where the system stores its data.

Authentication options

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

All storage cells are made of high grade stainless steel, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized entry into the cells. The number of cells depends on the company's needs - additional units can be installed during operation.

The default depth of the automatic cells is 250 mm or 500 mm. The system is available in several versions:

  • Floor-mounted. This option is suitable for storing a large number of hard drives. The depth of the cells is 500 mm. Securely attached to the floor;
  • Wall-mounted. Represents a compact system for storing a small number of hard disk drives. The depth of the cells is 250 mm. Due to its small size, it can be installed almost anywhere;
  • Combination version. Allows you to combine storage boxes and a key box, making it perfect for small businesses. Depth of cells - 250 mm. Wall mount;
  • Steel management system. Medium-sized system.

The width of the cells is:

  • 270 mm and 590 mm with a depth of 250 mm,
  • 430 mm and 590 mm with a depth of 500 mm.

Small cells are only purchased in blocks of 2 or 4 pieces. Larger cells, with the same height and depth, vary only in width. Each such unit can include 2, 3 or 6 cells.

Ecos Depot cells

We offer 2 system options: Ecos Depot and Ecos Drawer.

Ecos Depot is a locker with a steel door. The doors are also available in clear polycarbonate if you need to monitor the presence of hard drives in the cells.

The Ecos Drawer is a drawer system that is characterized by the automation of the dispensing of items. Ecos Drawer systems do not require opening and closing the door - the drawer slides in and out automatically.

Thus, Ecos automatic cells are a reliable and modern way of storing hard drives with commercial information.

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