Administration of DVRs

At some facilities, the use of wearable video recorders is a prerequisite for the working process of some employees. This helps to ensure the personal safety of personnel and to track disputes in case of conflict situations.

An important factor in working with wearable devices is to ensure that the devices themselves and the recorded data on them are stored securely. How can this be accomplished?

Advantages of Ecos storage chambers

All our storage cells are made of high quality stainless steel. The depth of the cells is standardized and can be 25 cm or 50 cm. The execution of the systems can be of four types:

  • Floor-mounted. These systems hold many cells and are securely anchored to the floor;
  • Wall-mounted. Small systems with a cell depth of 25 cm;
  • Combination. Small wall-mounted systems that include a unit for key storage and administration;
  • Steel management system. It is fixed to the floor, has a medium number of cells.

In Ecos Depot systems, the lockers are closed with a solid steel door, but if necessary, transparent polycarbonate doors can be made, so that management and employees can monitor the DVRs in the lockers.

Working time
of control

Ecos also offers Ecos Drawer systems, which are boxes that automatically slide out when a user is authorized in the system. The drawer automatically retracts when the user authorizes the system.

The storage cameras are equipped with an intelligent system that is loaded with a database of the facility's employees who have access to the DVRs. Each employee is then assigned a personalized cell, which makes it possible to accurately track the use and movement of the devices.

policeman with a video recorder

Cells can be accessed by biometrics (face scanner, fingerprint) or pin code, as well as by magnetic card. Combined identification is also possible. By logging employee actions in the system, it is possible to keep track of employee working hours.

In order to increase the level of security, video surveillance can be installed over the storage cameras. The footage will be recorded around the clock and sent to servers where all system data is stored.

Authentication options

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

Our cells can be outfitted:

  • An outlet;
  • The function of wirelessly detecting the presence of objects inside the cell;
  • Wireless charging function (5V or 12V);
  • A regular USB plug.

That is why an important advantage of Ecos storage cameras is also the ability to send data from video recorders when returning to the cell directly to the system servers, as well as recharge the devices. This allows, firstly, to significantly simplify the process of data transfer, and, secondly, to save them from being leaked to third-party resources.

Each system has an easy-to-use touch screen. The intuitive interface speeds up the process of authentication, pickup and drop-off of DVRs. 

The system can be managed from remote computers via the Internet, which allows you to monitor personnel actions in real time, promptly add and delete employee data.

Thus, Ecos storage cameras, due to the fully automated process of receiving and issuing video recorders, allow facilities to do away with logbooks and reduce the workplaces of employees responsible for the administration of the devices.

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