Administration of validators and payment terminals

Storing and managing validators is one of the major challenges facing fleet management. An untimely uncharged validator can throw an entire shift off schedule just as irresponsible storage of the devices can.

The same applies to portable payment terminals: without proper storage and recharging, the devices will not be able to perform their functions, resulting in significant financial and reputational losses.

In order to avoid such negative factors, you can use a modern and convenient way to administer and store validators and terminals - Ecos cells.

Ecos Automatic Storage Cells

Our lockers make it possible to do without logbooks and employees responsible for charging, storing, issuing and receiving devices. The absence of unnecessary actions and the need to keep records significantly saves time for conductors and fleet finances, and for businesses it allows them to accept payment within the required timeframe. 

Ecos Automatic Storage Cells
The system implemented now

Ecos storage chambers have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • At its core, it is an intelligent system;
  • Availability and maintenance of a fleet or enterprise employee base without human involvement;
  • Fully automated process for picking up and dropping off validators or terminals;
  • Access by personal key.
Working time
of control

All fleet employees working with validators are entered into the system database. Each employee is assigned his or her own box, which ensures a strict record of the devices - no employee can open another employee's box.

The same scheme applies to terminal administration. Cells assigned to each employee make it possible to avoid shifting responsibilities among employees and increase discipline.

Cells can be accessed in one of four ways:

  • By pin;
  • By magnetic card;
  • Fingerprint;
  • From the facial scanner.

The Ecos intelligent system records all personnel actions in the system. This makes it easy to track when and who used the validators. It also allows you to keep track of the working hours of conductors, office staff, salespeople and couriers.

Authentication options

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

The storage cameras are equipped with a user-friendly touch screen, and the system itself has an intuitive interface. Training on the system is easy and accessible even for those employees who do not know how to use computer equipment.

It is possible to install a video surveillance camera above the storage cameras. By default, camera recordings are stored on the same servers where all system data is located. This makes it easy to find the perpetrators in situations that require the identification of employees who have damaged company property.

The depth of the cells is 250 mm and 500 mm. The systems can be of different types:

  • Wall mounted. Suitable for small fleets and small companies, depth - 250 mm;
  • Floor-mounted. Can accommodate a large number of validators, necessarily fixed to the floor;
  • Steel management system. Medium variant in terms of cell count;
  • Combination. In addition to the cell block, includes a key block. Assumes wall mounting only.
Layout for fleet administration of RTOPS
Developed layout for the administration of RTOPS in the fleet

Another advantage of our storage chambers is the possibility to implement a 5V or 12V charger. This eliminates the need for additional space for devices during charging and the need to install a huge number of sockets.

Employees do not need to monitor the charge level of devices, check the attachment of wires to terminals and validators. This saves staff time, makes the use of payment terminals and validators even more convenient, and requires less control over the devices.

Ecos smart cells can be equipped with:

  • Wireless charging function;
  • USB connector;
  • By wirelessly detecting the presence of objects in the cell;
  • Standard outlet.

All storage cells are equipped with a solid steel door, but if necessary, it is possible to produce doors made of transparent polycarbonate - this will allow you to visually control the presence of validators and terminals in the cells. 

In addition to standard steel doors, our company also offers automatic retractable lockers. In this case, after authentication in the system, the box will open independently and, after removing the device, will also close independently.

Thus, Ecos lockers, through an automated system and maintaining its own database, provide fleets and organizations with a reliable way to administer and store validators and terminals, while reducing the cost of logbooks and responsible persons.

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