Storage of telephones at various facilities

The use of cell phones in the workplace is prohibited at many regime facilities - scientific institutions, military units, firing ranges, as well as at industrial enterprises, some medical institutions, and air transportation companies. In addition to these facilities, the management of any company can issue appropriate orders and write its requirements into internal regulations. The introduction of a rule on keeping phones separate from employees during working hours allows:

  1. Eliminate fatal errors in production due to distracting calls and messages;
  2. Increase employee focus on workflows instead of chats and social media;
  3. Reduce the risk of leakage of sensitive information - state or trade secrets.

At the same time, the storage of cell phones on the part of regime facilities and organizations must be conducted properly. Employees must be sure that gadgets will lie in a safe place without access to them and their personal data. Usually, special metal cell phone storage cabinets with lockers are used for this purpose. This is the standard method of storing phones in facilities. But there is an alternative option - modern automated phone storage systems from ECOS. What is the difference between them?

Iron cabinet with cells and electronic chamber from ECOS: comparison

Storage cabinets are ubiquitous. They are familiar and convenient to use, but few people know about automated alternatives. If you summarize the main features of standard ECOS cabinets and electronic chambers in a table, you get the following options:

 Phone storage cabinetECOS system
Robust housing++
Versions - wall and floor mounted++
Matching dimensions to the characteristics of the premises++
Locking devices++
Sectional structure++
Administration system+
Equipping with chargers+

As can be seen from this table, the last two points differ in favor of electronic cameras. What are the other features of ECOS systems?

Cell phone storage lockers

Advantages of ECOS phone lockers

Equipping cells with 5V, 12V and 220V chargers is done on demand. This is a nice bonus for each employee, while the administration system is already a necessity for the management. It simplifies the control of employees' working hours and logs their actions in the system. With electronic cells, there is no need for keys with license plates, no logs to record the handing in and handing out of phones, no need for duty officers. All this is done automatically.

Built-in charger
Working time

ECOS electronic storage rooms give you the opportunity to:

  1. Assign a separate cell to each employee;
  2. Provide a level of access to cells in different ways - by pin code, fingerprint, face scanner;
  3. Specify specific pickup and drop-off times for each employee;
  4. Provide 24/7 access to gadgets;
  5. Securely protect your phone from theft and identity theft.

Video surveillance cameras can be installed in the room above the cells. Recordings from the cameras are stored on system servers and are available for viewing around the clock. 

Authentication options

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

Metal storage lockers ECOS telephone systems are available in two types - with or without an automatic drawer. In both systems the depth of the cells can be 250 mm or 500 mm. In addition to wall and floor systems, steel management systems can be installed. We also offer the installation of combined systems with the possibility of combining different units - for storing keys and cell phones.

Thus, cabinets with cellular phone storage boxes, while seemingly simple and reliable, are significantly inferior to ECOS electronic cells in many respects. Our systems considerably simplify the process of control over handing over and issuing cell phones to employees, which significantly saves time and financial resources of secure facilities and enterprises. 

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