How a project is developed for an enterprise

To install electronic key systems, it is necessary to carry out preliminary calculations and describe in detail each of the stages of connecting the Ecos system at the enterprise. How does this happen?

What is taken

key slots
Number of key slots

To correctly calculate the required number of slots, you need to count the operational (primary) keys and add the reserve ones to this number. It should also be taken into account that new employees may appear in the future, so it is recommended to add a few more to the resulting number of slots as a reserve.

keypad layout
Location of key systems
For small companies, it is possible to have key systems located at the entrance to the main premises of the organization. But for multi-story corporations or long buildings, this option is not suitable due to the high likelihood of queues and crowding at the entrance. This problem is solved by placing modules on floors or entrances: distributed architecture allows you to separate employee flows, increasing the comfort of the process of receiving and returning keys to premises.

Development stages

  1. Audit of the facility and documentation.

    Ecos employees come to the enterprise for a detailed inspection of the premises and site plan. Together with the management of the organization, the required number of keys is determined.

  2. Private technical assignment.

    Based on the audit, a technical assignment is made, which specifies the main points for introducing key systems into an enterprise: types and number of key systems, capabilities and type of connection, integration with other enterprise systems (fire, security, access control, etc.).

  3. Project documentation.

    This is the third stage of project development, at which the following parameters are specified in detail: the number of key systems on each floor, the required number of slots in key systems, backup keys, keys to fire doors on all floors, etc.

  4. Working documentation.

    At this stage, all necessary documents are prepared - graphic and text materials capable of implementing the developed project for the installation and integration of key systems.

  5. Work production plan.

    This is the last and extremely important document, which describes in detail the technology for performing installation work, monitoring the implementation of each of the stages of introducing key systems into the organization, and safety rules for employees when performing work.

  6. In addition to standard drawings, Ecos employees provide organizations with 3D visualization of the project, which clearly shows the future result of installing key systems.

table - project example
Sample Project

After preparing all the necessary documents, electronic key systems are installed and connected to the organization’s systems. After installing and launching the system, Ecos provides organizations with:

Reliability 18 month warranty
24/7 technical support Technical support 24/7
Employee training Employee training
Service maintenance Service maintenance

A well-built system for storing and administering keys guarantees the safety of the company’s employees and the organization’s property. This task is easily solved using Ecos electronic key systems, inside of which there is an intelligent system that has a database of employees and records the actions of personnel in the system. In addition, electronic key systems are integrated with other systems, for example, security and fire alarms, access control systems (ACS).

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