Weapons storage 

Any weapons and ammunition must be stored in special metal cabinets, safes or other boxes upholstered with high-strength materials, as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The main tasks of storage are to organize the safety of weapons and the absence of access to them by third parties. At the same time, the rules are different for individuals and legal entities. And if it is enough for an individual to purchase and install a safe at home, then how to competently organize storage at various facilities? 

Storage in organizations 

The storage and record-keeping of weapons issuance can be organized in different ways. For example, prisons and police departments must have entire weapons rooms, the equipment of which is regulated by orders of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Accounting systems in security companies and other organizations include many different operations, which are recorded in special books and journals. But such an order can take a huge amount of time, human errors and theft of equipment are not excluded, especially in the case of storage of weapons of several units of the organization or different organizations in one room. Electronic weapons storage systems can help to avoid all this. 

Advantages of ECOS intelligent systems 

Automatic cameras from our company are a convenient way to store and administer weapons. What we offer our customers: 

  1. Special RFID tags on the weapon for contactless reading, which, if damaged, will make it impossible to open the box; 
  1. Access to cells only after user authorization; 
  1. Automatic weapon issuance system - each user is assigned a specific cell; 
  1. A system that logs the actions of each user. 
Identification of
ECOS electronic weapons storage cabinets
ECOS intelligent weapon storage systems
ECOS intelligent weapon storage systems
ECOS intelligent weapon storage systems
ECOS intelligent weapon storage systems

Electronic safes for storing ammunition and weapons are made of stainless steel and meet the required safety standards. Automated safes open and close without user effort. Authorization is possible by fingerprint, pin code, facial recognition. A great advantage is the possibility to set a certain time of opening and closing of the cells for specific users. Access to automatic cabinets can be round the clock. Gun safe with electronic lock is made for any size of the room. In addition, video surveillance of what is happening in the gun rooms is installed - the recordings are sent to system servers.  

Authentication options

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

ECOS electronic cabinets are a safe, orderly and convenient way of storing various equipment, which saves time and human resources.  

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