Key storage in health care facilities

Medical facilities need storage and administration of keys to premises just like any other organization. And while small private centers can get by on their own - a simple logbook for registering and issuing keys, city and regional hospitals must have a serious pass system due to the large number of staff and visitors to the medical facility.

In addition, in the medical sphere there are certain rules for storing certain types of special medicines. Each medical institution involved in the circulation of narcotic, psychotropic substances and their precursors is obliged to keep a logbook and have special storage conditions for such substances.

All premises for the storage of narcotic, psychotropic substances and precursors are divided into 5 categories - each with its own rules and requirements. The main condition for storing such substances in all categories is the presence of a lockable safe attached to the wall or floor.

Thus, in large medical facilities it is often necessary to control not only the circulation of keys, but also psychotropic and narcotic substances. Both of these tasks are solved by intelligent ECOS systems.  

medical facility

Storage and administration in ECOS systems

Ours keypads and lockers are not just for storing keys and medications - we offer automated intelligent systems.

Working time
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Integration with

The advantages of our systems include the following:

  1. Our products are made of high quality stainless steel;
  2. Simple and user-friendly interface does not cause difficulties in operation;
  3. Having a backup battery will prolong operation in case of emergencies;
  4. 24-hour access to lockers and key boxes.


Authentication options

Our key card and locker system allows access to specific lockers and keys only to those employees who have been entered into the database and authorized. There are several ways to identify personnel in the system - by pin code, face scanner, magnetic card or fingerprint. In addition, it is possible to set the time of taking and handing over the key for each employee, which helps to control actions and keep track of working hours of personnel.

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

Key placement options

Without case
With case
In the cell

If necessary, video surveillance is installed over keypads and lockers to record the actions of employees 24 hours a day. The recordings are transmitted and stored on the same servers where all system information is located. A backup function on internal SD cards protects the data in case of failure and is especially important for recording employee actions in unexpected situations.  

Due to the protocolization of personnel actions, secure storage of keys, psychotropic, narcotic substances and precursors ECOS systems significantly facilitate the issues of organization of storage and administration of keys and preparations in any medical institution.

Storage lockers

In addition to key boxes, automatic smart lockers are also suitable for storing keys. This method of key storage and administration is more secure because, unlike key boxes, only the person who has access to the box can see the presence or absence of keys.

Boxes are also convenient for transferring documents within a medical institution that require stamps and signatures. Due to this method of transferring documents, employees of the medical institution will not waste time walking around the organization's departments. To transfer documents from one department to another, simply reserve a box and provide the box code to the employee receiving the paperwork.

Video of Ecos intelligent key management system working in medical institutions:

Receiving a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Selecting a key to which a user has the access rights (LED backlighting)
  4. Receiving the key
  5. Closing the door

Return a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Returning the key (LED backlighting)
  4. Closing the door

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