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Sooner or later every company faces the issue of transition to electronic document managementFor this purpose, it is necessary to obtain an electronic digital signature (eSignature), a convenient tool for protecting electronic documents. It can be used to avoid unauthorized changes in documents and to confirm the authorship of the signature carrier. In many organizations, the procedure for recording the storage and use of e-signatures is still carried out through the journal for issuing e-signature keys. This method of work significantly slows down the internal processes of the organization and increases the risk of errors in the issuance of e-signature bearers due to human error. How can this be avoided?  

USB flash drive storage in ECOS systems 

The modern and most reliable way key escrow are automated systems for administering and storing items. Storage of electronic signature keys in organizations is most often carried out on USB flash drives - a convenient and compact storage medium. Through such flash drives, employees have access to various regime resources, and an intelligent system controls and delimits the access of the company's personnel when using the media. 

EDS administration

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A flash drive administration solution for a large organization 

We were faced with the task of securing and differentiating access to the thumb drives of 40 employees of the Treasury Department. These thumb drives stored access to accounts and therefore required the highest level of storage security and transaction tracking.

What was done:

Each flash drive was labeled with a proximity tag, which, if damaged, would no longer be visible to the system. User authorization is by fingerprint. After opening the box, the system records who took the flash drive, at what time and when it was returned. In addition, the system automatically determines which flash drives the user has access to - all or only certain ones. At the same time, video surveillance is conducted, and all recordings are sent to the same servers that store data on the system.

All this made it possible to implement the new administration system very quickly in a large staff. The automated procedure for storing etsp made it possible to avoid errors in handling flash drives from now on.

XXL system

Thus, the use of intelligent ECOS systems offers the following advantages: 

  • Each user is authenticated in the system; 
  • The system can be accessed only after authorization; 
  • Several types of security - card, fingerprint, pincode; 
  • Secure 24/7 storage of ezp in the organization;  
  • Logging of employee actions; 
  • For affiliates. unified system of eCP key storage

ECOS storage cells are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Access to each cell is customizable in various ways, up to specifying the access time of a particular user. The processors are state-of-the-art ARM processors. Internal SD cards are used for backup, which protects the data even in case of failure. Thus, due to the well-thought-out system and competent execution of ECOS cameras, storage of flash drives with etsp significantly saves time and financial resources of the organization.  

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