Document storage lockers

The storage of documents in organizations must meet legal and security requirements. The main task of the company's management is to prevent the deterioration or theft of the documents themselves or the personal data of the company's employees. Improper storage or loss of documents may result in an administrative fine. There are different storage periods for different documents - on average from 5 to several dozens of years. Many documents can be stored in open cabinets in the director's office, accounting department, archives, legal and HR departments, but there are papers of special value: 

  1. Title Documents; 
  1. Shareholder Register; 
  1. Accounting documents. 

Confidential documents are singled out in a special way, subject to the most careful administration and increased security in storage. They are restricted documents, as they contain information that could lead to the disclosure of personal data, non-state secrets or intellectual property of the company. They may only be handled by a limited number of authorized employees.  

The head of the company issues a relevant order and appoints an employee responsible for handling confidential records - a clerk or other responsible person. Further, a special commission or the head of the company himself designates the circle of persons who will be granted access to certain confidential documents. These employees shall be included in the relevant order and sign a document on non-disclosure of information.  

Document storage lockers

The person designated as the person responsible for confidential records management is fully responsible for data security and controls access to documents by other employees of the company. Usually, metal safes with a locking mechanism are used to store documents. At the end of the working day they are checked and sealed by the responsible employee. But what should you do if you need to simplify the way you store and record the issue of documents?   

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Implemented ECOS project on document administration

ECOS smart cells 

A modern and reliable way of storing securities and other documents is the use of automatic storage lockers. The ECOS system offers the following options: 

  1. Compilation of a base of admitted employees to certain cells; 
  1. Employee authentication by card, face scanner, fingerprint, pin code; 
  1. Capturing user actions in the system; 
  1. Allow certain employees to access specific cells only. 

Authentication options

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

In addition, it is possible to install round-the-clock video surveillance. The camera recordings will be transmitted to the same servers where all system information is stored.  

ECOS chambers are made of high quality stainless steel and can be of different types - wall, floor and combined (lockers and electronic keypad). The size is individually tailored to the needs of the organization.  

Thus, ECOS document storage boxes securely protect valuable papers, and an intelligent system logs all employee actions.

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