Key storage in business centers

Renting offices in business centers implies secure storage and organization of the issuance of office keys. In small business centers this problem can be solved easily, but in buildings with a large number of rented premises difficulties may arise.

Typically, for storage and administration, keys are marked separately for each office, placed on special stands or in key systems, and issued against signature in the key issuance register. A watchman or a business center dispatcher is appointed responsible for this - he keeps a list of employees with contact information who have permission to pick up and hand over keys.

But this scheme has significant disadvantages:

  1. Keys may be mixed up;
  2. The responsible person may forget to enter information about the taken key in the log;
  3. Security guards/watchmen work in shifts - responsibility for the keys is not assigned to one person.

In addition, in large business centers, issuing and returning keys can be difficult during mass arrivals and departures of employees from work due to the large flow of people. To optimize, you need to fully automate the process of issuing and accepting keys for storage. Intelligent systems cope well with this task.

Electronic key systems ECOS

ECOS automated systems are a modern solution for storing and administering keys in business centers. Electronic key systems solve several problems at once:

Working time
High security
of control
Integration with

Important advantage of electronic key systems ECOS – recording of all employee actions in the system, due to which there is no need to allocate a separate workplace and maintain a key log.

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Authentication options

Authentication of employees in the system is possible using a PIN code, card, fingerprint or face scanner. Access rights to keys can be configured in a certain way - the system sets at what time it is possible to take and return a key. This also helps control the working hours of responsible employees.

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

Key placement options

Without case
With case
In the cell
of employeers

The system interface is convenient and understandable even for non-advanced users. If necessary, it is possible to install 24-hour video surveillance over key systems for additional monitoring of employee actions. All recordings from cameras are transferred to servers on which system data is stored.

Thus, ECOS electronic key systems are a reliable way to store and administer keys to office premises of business centers.

Video of the operation of the Ecos intelligent key management system in business centers:

Receiving a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Selecting a key to which a user has the access rights (LED backlighting)
  4. Receiving the key
  5. Closing the door

Return a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Returning the key (LED backlighting)
  4. Closing the door

Storage in cells

In addition to key systems, key storage is also possible in Ecos automatic lockers.

The advantage of this storage method is that the cells are opaque, and it is impossible to determine the presence or absence of a key inside without access to the cell. This further increases the level of security for storing keys to offices in business centers.

In addition, through the cells, office employees can transfer documents to colleagues or partners without personal participation. To do this, it will be enough for both parties to know the password for the cell.

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