Key storage at airports

Any airport is a special regime zone that includes a huge number of different services and departments. Among the basic services are such services as navigational, airfield, production and dispatch, etc. In addition to the basic services, additional services, such as rescue, fire, medical and sanitary, repair and construction services, must necessarily function. 

The main task of the enterprise management is to ensure the safety of employees and passengers, smooth operation of the airport with all its departments. Therefore, due to the huge passenger flow and a large number of employees working in different departments and divisions, airports should be equipped with a competent access control system and video surveillance systems.

A properly built system of storage and administration of keys to airport premises, delimitation of access rights of employees to the premises of the facility is a must for the quality operation of the airport infrastructure. At the same time, taking and handing over keys to the premises should be automated to the maximum extent possible. How can the turnover of keys at airports be organized?


ECOS intelligent systems

Keeping keys to the premises in automatic key systems ECOS is the optimal solution for any airport. Our key cabinets are not just stainless steel cabinets. They are an entire automated system capable of providing secure storage and administration of keys without human intervention.

Working time
High security
of control
Integration with

ECOS intelligent systems have many advantages:

  1. Differentiation of personnel access rights;
  2. Capturing employee actions in the system;
  3. Set a specific time for taking and handing over keys;
  4. User-friendly and easy to understand interface;
  5. Access to keys around the clock.


Authentication options

User identification in the system can be done by pin code, face scanner, fingerprint or magnetic card. If the keypad is opened after authentication, the employee will be able to take only his/her own key - the others will be blocked for him/her.

PIN code
Face ID
QR code

Key placement options

Without case
With case
In the cell

By logging personnel actions, it is convenient to keep track of working hours. In case of emergencies, it is easy to trace the employees who had access to certain rooms at the time of the emergency - each key has detailed information about the person who had access to it.

It is recommended to install video surveillance systems over key boxes in secure facilities. Our cameras record continuously and send the information to the common system servers. Although fully automated, ECOS key boxes can be controlled from a computer if required.

The capacity of ECOS systems can be varied depending on the management tasks. We have a wide range of products that can cover any customer's wishes. Our key boxes are reliable key storage and administration systems that fulfill many important functions for the quality and smooth operation of any airport.

Video of Ecos intelligent key management system at airports

Receiving a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Selecting a key to which a user has the access rights (LED backlighting)
  4. Receiving the key
  5. Closing the door

Return a key in the system

  1. Authentication of a user in the system
  2. Opening the door
  3. Returning the key (LED backlighting)
  4. Closing the door

Storage of keys in Ecos cells

Another way of storing and administering keys is in electronic boxes. The advantage of such boxes is that unauthorized persons cannot find out which keys have already been used and which keys are in storage. This increases the security of key storage and reduces the risk of unauthorized entry of intruders into various premises of airport departments.

Boxes can also serve as a way to transfer documents between airport departments. For this purpose, the transferring and receiving employees must know the pin code for the box. In this case, the transfer is possible without a personal meeting of both parties, which significantly affects the work schedule of employees.

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