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Ecos Key electronic key holders
Ecos Key electronic key holders
Ecos Key electronic key holders
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Ecos electronic key systems have several options that significantly expand their functionality and make it easy to implement devices in any organization.

Integration with ACS

The main function of combining with an access control and management system (ACS) is to control the circulation of keys in the organization. The turnstiles of the enterprise will not release the employees responsible for the keys until they hand over the keys to the premises in the key systems. This allows for overall tracking of employee actions and reduces the risk of keys being taken outside the organization. Also, combining key management systems with access control systems makes it possible to additionally control the recording of employee working hours, which simplifies the calculation of personnel working hours by the accounting department.

XXL system

Integration is carried out with any ACS, including:



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Security alarm integration

Combining an electronic key system and a security alarm makes it possible to automatically activate the alarm when the key is returned to its place and remove the alarm when the key is taken. Due to this, the organization’s employees do not need to make unnecessary calls to the security point and do not need to waste time interacting with different departments. This method increases the level of enterprise security and allows for better control over the movement of keys and personnel within the organization. All reports on the collection and delivery of keys are stored on the system servers, making it possible to track the actions of the employees responsible for the keys at any time.

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Integration with fire safety systems

This is one of the most important components of an enterprise security system. For this purpose, a separate special card is produced, which becomes active when the alarm is triggered. This allows access to individual rooms or a group of rooms. This increases the level of employee protection, reducing the risk of accidents during a fire alarm within the organization.

Integration with high-voltage control systems

Access to high-voltage systems is granted to company employees only if the entire unit is de-energized. This makes it possible to increase safety and avoid accidents during repair work.

XXL system

Ecos key systems, depending on the type, can be easily mounted to the wall or to the floor. There is a choice of different types of doors - steel, roller shutter, transparent. We also offer a doorless version. It is possible to install video surveillance above the key cabinet, which is an additional way to track the turnover of keys at enterprises. Records are kept 24/7 and stored on the system’s servers, making it possible to retrieve the necessary footage at any time.

Each system is equipped with a convenient touch display. Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, learning to use the system is easy for employees of any age group.

Our key systems are suitable for any organization - over time, it is possible to increase the capacity of keys by attaching additional modules with a different number of slots for keys.

All these options significantly simplify work processes, save employee time and increase the level of security in any organization.

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