Our company performs a different set of services such as:

  • Designing a set of systems for individual tasks of the customer (creation of individual design solution, modification and finalization of equipment and software, integration into a comprehensive security and control system);
  • Inspection of the object, creation of a concept of equipping the object with an intelligent system;
  • Delivery of systems to the site;
  • Installation of systems;
  • Pre-commissioning;
  • System Administration;
  • Warranty service and repair;
  • Technical and service maintenance.

Service maintenance of ECOS systems at the customer's facilities is carried out in accordance with the service regulations by authorized personnel trained in the company-manufacturer Ekos and having the appropriate certificates.

Individual project

  • Creating a customized design solution;
  • Branding of equipment: RAL painting in company colors, placement of logos on the case and display;
  • Software modification/development taking into account individual peculiarities of the object.


  • On-site maintenance;
  • Remote technical support/consultation.


  • Training of the customer's personnel;
  • Personnel Certification.

Upgrading the system

If after using our system you realize that you need a system with a larger capacity or different functionality, we can make a proposal for replacement of the equipment at the site in accordance with your requirements.


The warranty period for all system models is 18 months. During this period warranty repair of products is carried out. The warranty is provided for the installed equipment and software of our company.

If a malfunction is detected, it is necessary to contact the Ecos Service Center. It is necessary to provide documents indicating the time of purchase of the product and a claim act in a free form. The Ecos technical specialist will assess the condition of the product and, based on the data obtained, decide whether to replace or repair it.

It is important to take into account that warranty service is provided only in cases where the cause of failure is a manufacturing defect or other warranty cases. Products that fail due to improper use are repaired at the customer's expense.

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